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FBCM is blessed with an active women’s mission organization.  We invite your participation and welcome your ideas about serving our mighty Lord.

We partner with WMUNC located in Raleigh, NC and with the Mt. Zion Baptist Association located in Burlington, NC in Alamance County.

Who Are We?

Christian women across the world teach, inform and inspire those around them to influence the world for Christ through Women on Mission, Girls in Action (GA’s), Mission Friends, and Royal Ambassadors (RA’s for boys) groups.


Why Do It?

Christians follow God’s command to tell others about Jesus –

” Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”  Matthew 28: 19


What We Do!

Through a variety of activities – Bible study, prayer devotionals, multiple monthly mission projects and outreach – each group offers opportunities and resources to learn about and be involved with missions in our everyday lives. There is something for everyone in missions!


Objectives of WMU

The objectives of WMU (formerly called “areas of missions focus”) reflect a biblical understanding of missions and provide a holistic approach to missions awareness and participation. Content in WMU materials supports these objectives, providing a comprehensive and balanced approach to missions in the church.

Pray for Missions
To pray for missions means to communicate with God on behalf of missions work, people involved in missions work, and people that need to know and accept God’s redeeming love.

Engage in Mission Action and Witnessing
The teaching and actions of Jesus recorded in the New Testament show us that the Christian faith is not stagnant but active and participatory. We are to share the gospel in word and deed verbally and through our actions.

Learn About Missions
Learning about missions helps believers better understand what God says about making His name known throughout the earth.

Support Missions
Christians have a part in upholding the cause of missions, maintaining missions work, and encouraging missions personnel.

Develop Spiritually Toward a Missions Lifestyle
For the believer, spiritual development involves growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ. It involves day-to-day living that applies and carries out the missions imperatives of God’s Word.

Participate in the Work of the Church and Denomination
As a missions ministry within a congregation, WMU encourages and provides opportunities for all church members and other participants to be aware of and involved in missions and cooperates with other missions ministries within the congregation to help the congregation fulfill its missions potential.

In 1888, a handful of women dedicated to the cause of missions founded Woman’s Missionary Union. Since that time, WMU has become the largest Protestant organization for women in the world, with a membership of approximately 1 million. WMU also was the first and remains the largest body of organized laity in the Southern Baptist Convention.

From the beginning, WMU’s main purpose has been to educate and involve women, girls, and preschoolers in the cause of Christian missions. It accomplishes these purposes primarily through age-level organizations.

Financial support of missionaries has always been a priority for women involved in WMU. When the women founded the national organization in 1888, one of their first items of business was to accept the request to raise money for the two mission boards. Within the first year, the women contributed over $30,700 to the two entities.

The women’s efforts to raise money for the two mission boards are known today as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions.


Women on Mission at FBCM prepares an annual guide of monthly mission actions used to support organizations and individuals in our church, our city and state, and internationally.  The congregation is invited to provide items requested and members of the WMU groups take the items to the designated organization.  There are multiple activities each month – we welcome new ways to be our Lord’s servants.


Examples of monthly projects are:

*sewing bone shaped lumbar pillows for the patients at the Hospice and Palliative Care Center

*packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

*making cards for shut-ins for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other occasions

*annual 2-day mission trip to Red Springs Mission Camp to prepare the facility for Deep Impact Youth


*WorldCrafts Fair to support survivors of human trafficking and domestic abuse

*Bereavement Team needs


See the full list of FBCM monthly missions here (link to be added).


More information about Women on Mission can be found on the WMUNC website at



WOM Groups

Sharon Knight Group meets 7:00 pm first Monday of the month at FBCM, Fellowship Hall

Sept.- May; not June/July/August

Contact Debbie Bullins, goapps@mindspring.com


Reflections Group Bible Study meets 1:00 pm first Tuesday of the month at FBCM in The Grove, 2nd floor

Sept. – May; not January, June/July/August

Contact Nita Parnell, jmaybp@aol.com


Bridge Builders Multi-generational group of women meets 10:30 am first Thursday of the month

At FBCM, Room 102

Contact Lorraine Garrison, gailerui@hotmail.com


Mission Trips

International Mission Trips to China and Africa

Contact Lorraine Garrison, gailerui@hotmail.com



Mission Friends, GA’s and RA’s


Currently, we do not have babies in Mission Friends.  We will start a group as the need arises.


Examples of activities are:

*visiting Hawfields Presbyterian Home and Mebane Ridge Assisted Living

*Children’s Day Camp at Camp Mundo Vista near Ashboro, NC

*Annual Pinewood Derby

*volunteer opportunity to teach and assist


Mission Friends contact – Kim Wiltshire, jssnm4vr@aol.com

Girls in Action (GA’s) contact – Melody Wrenn, joemelody@mebtel.net

Royal Ambassadors (RA’s) contact – Al Austin, robert.a.austin.00@gmail.com


More information can be found on the WMUNC website at



Mt. Zion Baptist Association

FBCM is a member of the Association and is represented on the Mt. Zion Association WMU Council.  The Council conducts multiple events annually  –  all are invited to attend and support.  The Mt. Zion Association WMU provides service opportunities with over XXX organizations in the area.


Examples of events are:

*dinners for the visually impaired/blind and for the hearing impaired

*World Day of Prayer

*Mother’s Day Offering

*Annual Missions Festival with guest speakers

*support of the mission “God’s Closet” providing clothing needs in Alamance County




Annual Offerings Supported


Annie Armstrong and Lottie Moon, www.wmunc.org

www.anniearmstrong.comwww.imb.org (for Lottie Moon)

Mother’s Day Offering, www.mothersdayoffering.org

North Carolina Missions Offering, www.northcarolinamissionsoffering.org

WMU EMPHASIS FOR 2018 – 2020 is “Unshakable Pursuit”

God has pursued us in love since He created the world. God knows us even better than we know ourselves. He “isn’t far from any of us.” And He is always at work, giving us “life, breath, and everything else” we need to be who we are.  Why? “So that we will look for him and reach out and find him.”  Life finds its rhythm when we pursue Him wholeheartedly.

Over the next 2 years, WMU wants to help you

  • know God more;
  • show His love unconditionally; and
  • make disciples who make disciples


Scripture Passage

“People of Athens, I see that you are very religious.  As I was going through your city and looking at the things you worship, I found an altar with the words, “To an Unknown God.” You worship this God, but you don’t really know him.  So I want to tell you about him.  This God made the world and everything in it.  He is Lord of heaven and earth, and he doesn’t live in temples built by human hands.  He doesn’t need help from anyone.  He gives life, breath, and everything else to all people.  From one person, God made all nations who live on earth, and he decided when and where every nation would be.  God has done all this, so that we will look for him and reach out and find him.  He isn’t far from any of us, and he gives us the power to live, to move, and to be who we are.  “We are his children,” just as some of your poets have said.”     Acts 17:16-28 (CEV)


  • “My dear friends, stand firm and don’t be shaken. Always keep busy working for the Lord. You know that everything you do for him is worthwhile”. (1 Corinthians 15:58, CEV)

Emphasis book is “Unshakable Pursuit, Chasing the God Who Chases Us”, a 30-day devotional by Grace Thornton.  (available for order via WMU website, www.wmu.com).


We pursue many things in life: friendships and acceptance. Freedom in the form of a driver’s license or a high school diploma. Higher education or technical training. Financial security with a job that pays well and provides benefits. Hobbies that feed our passions. Love and maybe a family of our own. The comforts of our dream home. Recognition for a job well done. Retirement goals. Items on a bucket list. Happiness. Purpose.   And we even get pursued. By the university we’ve always wanted to go to. By the company we’d like to work for. By the person we are interested in getting to know better. By God.

In Acts 17:16–28 (CEV), we see Paul as he speaks to the Areopagus, a council who considered themselves the custodians of teachings that introduced new religions and foreign gods in Athens.  Weaving in compelling stories from the author’s life, the emphasis book focuses on this story in Acts, showing us what God’s pursuit of us and our pursuit of Him look like.




Love God, Love People, and Share Our Faith in Jesus Christ Together! 



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