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  • on January 17, 2020

Our Journey

Our Journey
Hurry now my servant
For it’s off to church we go
I’ll start you in the nursery
Where you’re surely the star of the show
Next you’ll be with toddlers
Playing games and making friends
Coloring pictures of Jesus
Ah, the fun it never ends
Sunday school’s the next step
In preparation of your heart
There you’ll learn of stories
That from you will never part
There’s Daniel in the lion’s den
Making the blind man see
David and Goliath
Zacchaeus and the tree
Jonah and the whale
Adam and Eve, and Moses too
All the books of the Bible
And how they pertain to you
Once you’re a little older
You’ll start the youth group knowing
That talking isn’t all it takes
We finish it by showing
The journey doesn’t stop right there
The decision is left to you
Will you go to church all on your own
I pray to God you do
He’s the God of old
The God of new
And loves you so very much
What he truly wants from each of us
Is to ALWAYS stay in touch

I woke up with all of this in my head. I hope you enjoy it! Happy FRIYAYYYY

I love you all, Wendy

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