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WMU Sunday and Breakfast
Wanted to remind everyone that the men will be cooking breakfast this Sunday morning for EVERYONE.  It’s in honor of the WMU and to show their appreciation and love for [...]
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1st Devotion for today
What will you leave behind???  The question of the day!  Lay Renewal Weekend is here.  Pray for the team travelling today, Pray that our hearts will be prepared to let [...]
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2nd Devotion for today
Just wow!!!!! God even had this worked out.  The fact that our prayer vigil starts in a little over 3 hours for this upcoming weekend. This passage is stressing the [...]
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1st Devotion/Inspiration for today
If you are from Mebane like I am,  things have changed SO much!  The biggest change for me is the traffic.  What used to take 5 minutes now takes 25 [...]
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Prayer Requests and 1st Devotion for today
Dear church, continue to lift up Austin and the Marine family,  also please pray for Ernestine Smith (Fran’s mother) she is at UNC at Hillsborough.  Please pray for all of [...]
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Bone Pillows
Pillows for Hospice today at FBCM.  Cutting, sewing, stuffing, and stitching for a wonderful cause! Thanks to all of the ladies that volunteered!
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